Help us so that no child loses the magic of life to cancer.

Cancer is a very long and very expensive disease, so we need to use creativity, generosity, science and love to reach all children with cancer in Mexico. Will you join us?

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Cancer has not changed...

children are diagnosed with cancer in Mexico.

Most of them do not have social security and depend on the health public sector.

of them survive in Mexico, while in other countries it is as high as 90%.

Abandon treatment due to lack of financial, medical and emotional resources.

...our way of combating it, yes.

We have served more than


children with our 360° model

Based on our knowledge of the children, the Mexican context and research of the best initiatives worldwide, we have developed a model of accompaniment for the children in the most important moments of their treatment.

What is a donation to you is a miracle to someone else.

We can increase access to better treatment for all children with cancer in Mexico, but it all starts with your help.

VUELA gives children with cancer what they need for optimal treatment, a quality life and human development.

oncology drugs

specialized studies

medical and healing equipment

creating characters

normalizing the children's environment

promoting play as a right

complementary medicines

nutritional support

medical and healing equipment

producing content

leveraging technology

rewarding children for their efforts

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Vuela signs the agreement of the Alliance for a Cancer-Free Childhood

The Alliance was born as a response to the situation of children with cancer in Mexico and their families, especially those with fewer resources. Facing cancer is a challenge due to the high costs and long duration of the disease and that is why social organizations play an essential role in complementing medical treatment throughout the country, as well as in the psychosocial support they provide to patients and families.


You can help in many ways

Do you run? do you climb? do you grow older? do you overcome your phobias? any challenge is good to help! Set a goal and invite your friends to participate!

By purchasing these products, you are collaborating with our mission. Their profits go to help children with cancer in Mexico.


The good must be done well

VUELA is a non-profit civil organization, with no political or religious orientation. All of the Foundation's funds come from individuals, companies and second-tier foundations. We do not work with government funds.

We have the most important certifications and evaluations in Mexico to provide reliability to our community.

We are part of important national and international networks and alliances to fight childhood cancer.