They have run marathons, triathlons, climbed mountains and given up their gifts. What could you do to help children with cancer?

How to set up your fundraising campaign?
It's easy!

1) Choose your challenge
You can do anything extraordinary to raise money for children with cancer. You can run a marathon, shave your head, throw yourself off a 10-meter platform, compose songs and more.
2) Set a goal
Choose the amount you want to raise. One year of treatment for a child with cancer in Mexico costs around 1.5 million mexican pesos, that's why we need everyone's help!
3) Spread the word!
Get people to help you reach your goal. The more people who know about what you are doing, the more donations will come in. Share by mail, on social networks and messages. Make everyone part of your project.
4) Go on and complete your challenge!
When you reach your goal, meet your challenge. VUELA will deliver the resources to the children with cancer we serve and we will share with you a report of results so you can see the lives you are transforming.
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The Rifados Vuela are risk takers and committed people who organize fundraising campaigns for children with cancer through challenges and dynamics. Incredible, don't you think?

They're part of Rifados!

Help them reach their goal and help no child lose the magic of life to cancer. 

19% financed
One fit friend: $9,350

Vuela's Rifados have raised more than


for children with cancer through their different challenges and campaigns.

They've already won!

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