MPC & friends for Vuela

¡MPC Challenge!

Helping one person might not change the whole World, but it could change the World for that one person.

MPC & Friends for Vuela

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Total de la donación: $50

1 US Dollar = Around 20 Mexican Pesos (may vary depending on exchange rates)

50 MXN Peso-2.5 USD

200 MXN Peso-10 USD

500 MXN Peso-25 USD

When making your donation through PayPal, please, at the end of the process, click on “Volver al sitio” so that your payment is registered.

In this activity you will have the opportunity to accomplish your goals and encourage others to accomplish theirs and while doing so- we’ll be able to contribute to our community by supporting Vuela’s noble cause.


Challenge contacts: Ana Sanroman, Vania Marquez, Isabel Obregon, Antivett Bellon, Andrea Trejo